Love From Blue Spotlight: Amelia Sidwell

Love From Blue Spotlight: Amelia Sidwell

By Love from Blue

Love From Blue Spotlight: Amelia Sidwell

Tell us a bit about yourself, where you’re from, what’s your connection to Hong Kong? What do you do when you’re not in the studio creating?

Im a ceramic and resin artist from New Zealand currently based on Waiheke Island. I’ve been based in Asia predominantly Hong Kong for the past few years. I grew up surrounded by nature, usually immersed in the ocean which has been a source of inspiration for a lot of my art. Since living in Hong Kong and taking up diving my love for the ocean has deepened. When I’m not in the studio I’m probably near the water.


Tell us about your creative style and methods of working?

I think I’m still figuring out my style but my methods for each medium are quite polar opposite. I’m a very kinaesthetic person. I enjoy the patience and endless controllable possibilities of working with clay. It’s slows me down in a good way and a day in the studio can sometimes just be a place of meditation for me.
Resin on the other hand. The end result may look calm and relaxing but there isn’t a lot of relaxing when you have a 40 minute window per layer and blowtorches involved. Resin has taught me to let go of what I can’t control and trust the process.

What inspired this piece of work you have created for Love From Blue? Have you enjoyed this collaborative way of working?

I really enjoyed the collaboration with LFB, it was the first resin piece I had done since coming to Waiheke and I poured all the inspiration from the last few months into it. I’m feeling full of gratitude to have such clean rich colours in my day to day life here. I totally understand why so many artists are drawn here. Doing the collaboration with LFB was a no brainer. With the green washing and bs that goes on in the fashion industry I’m very proud to be associated with a company that’s paving the way in sustainable clothing.

Is sustainability within fashion, or your general day to day life something you think about? If so what do you do to play your part?

Yeah I do for sure, one thing I really missed while living in Hong Kong was thrift stores and second hand clothing stores. We really aren’t spoilt for choice there. I’m a big believer of giving things a second life and buying second hand is always my first option.


It’s been wonderful to slide into a community like Waiheke where sustainability seems to be a common goal. I really hope in places with larger populations like Hong Kong, more companies like LFB are born. I think you guys are setting a really good example and I hope it inspires other people in fashion to take a closer look at the sources of their belongings.

The proceeds from the LFB raffle will be going to Plastic Free Seas charity. Is ocean and beach conservation important to you?

Extremely, it really breaks my heart seeing what we humans have done to the ocean, more it’s inhabitants. I hope one day I can contribute to making a big difference in the restoration of these ecosystems.


What can we look forward to seeing from you in the future, Any big plans?

I’ve just started teaching myself how to process local clay which I’m really excited about. Having a deeper connection to the pieces and their source will probably make it harder for me to part with my work but I think will be much more gratifying.

See more of Amelia's work on her website or contact her directly through IG @ameliasidwell