Love From Blue Spotlight: Amy Tong

Love From Blue Spotlight: Amy Tong

By Love from Blue

Love From Blue Spotlight: Amy Tong

At Love From Blue, we decided early on that we wanted to promote collaboration and work on uplifting local creatives through our brand. For our first drop we worked with photographers, artists, designers and musicians, partnerships we hope are just beginning. 

Second up in our series of ‘Creative Spotlight’ is Amy Tong. 

Getting a glimpse into her life as an artist in Hong Kong we recently photographed Amy at her studio in Kennedy Town. She is part of HART Haus, a studio collective that promotes collaboration and community through creativity. 

“Hart Haus is a social studio with around 15 other artists. Amazing space with a huge patio where you can see the sun set.”


Amy uses a variety of media including ceramics and oil paint to explore the ideas of absurdity, truth, imaginary realities, possible situations and rituals. Despite all the challenges of 2020 she has been busy doing a group exhibition related to Feng Shui, participating in a group show at Soho House to raise money for Xoloplastics, and collaborated with Sharu Binnong Sikdar on Broken Garden exhibited at H Queens. We can look forward to more exhibitions of Amy’s work this year where she will start focusing on ceramics.

When asking Amy about her views on sustainability this is what she said: “I think everybody should try to do their part to save the planet but I am very guilty of that because I paint with oil and a lot of pigments/ solvents/ medium are harmful for the environment. As for fashion wise, I try to purchase items that will last and are made with love”.


To see more of Amy’s work please follow the link below!