Love From Blue Spotlight: Liora Greenstein

Love From Blue Spotlight: Liora Greenstein

By Love from Blue

Love From Blue Spotlight: Liora Greenstein

Tell us a bit about yourself, where are you from, where did you study?

Privileged and grateful to have been born and raised in the natural, diverse, rich beauty of Cape Town, South Africa, inspirations was always all around.  I studied Jewellery design at the Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem, having the uplifting experience of living in the soul of the world.

After I met my husband in South Africa , we moved to Hong Kong, where we have lived for 30 years and have four incredible children, and one who returned her soul to the Creator of the Universe 23 years ago 

What mediums do you like to create with?

I love to work with all mediums…but mostly find peace and growth in oil painting. The focusing in, the blending of colours, the ability to rework areas of errors, layering, and weaving tapestries.  And in most special moments, allow the magic from above to come through into the painting..a journey much like life!



What is your greatest source of inspiration for your art work?

Love this question … you guys, people in general, my family, nature , smells, sounds, colours, and the Creator of the Universe, the source of everything, who with great kindness provides us daily with an abundance of life sustaining air, food and materials , with which to live and work.  Also my mission in life.


Hebrew characters form the start of each painting, each one carries a lot of meaning and almost sets the story or theme for the painting. This is really special, can you tell us more about this?

At the beginning of each painting I pencil the Hebrew letters בה, at the top right corner. This stands for - With the help of G-D

Hebrew letters are the essence of everything in the material world. All letters make up words. 

If I have a subject already chosen, for example: your beach theme, the letter (Yud) י came to mind as it is the first letter of (yam) which is the Hebrew word for sea. All letters have spiritual  qualities, which in essence will allow for  material matter to be elevated. Everything down on earth comes from His great light above, and is a mirror. The image of the shells in the painting connecting to the rays of light from above, reflect this.

A second way of using letters is when I make a painting for an individual person. I think deeply about the person, and an appropriate letter will come to mind. The commissioned  painting will flow from that, reflecting them, bringing in their energies and other magical things (even sometimes a lesson or message).

Another way of using a letter or a few letters, is to think of a feeling, for example Gratitude הודיה. It is made of 5 letters, and these letters will filter into thoughts, feelings and energy of gratitude and into the production of the painting. The subject is so great both in size and meaning.


Working with you has been so lovely, you have a very positive view of life, what advise would you give to anyone starting out in the hopes of being an artist?

You can do it! there is no right or wrong, only a beautiful happy journey of growth, understanding, and feeling your world, through working textures, colours, and people…what a gift!


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